I have always been into gadgets and photography. I remember I started off with a Zenit camera when I was 4 years old. It was such an amazing thing back then. In 2005 I remember getting my first DSLR camera and I was hooked. I always tried finding new ways to photograph.

On a trip to New York I did one of those helicopter tours like all tourists and I remember wishing I could always take photographs from the sky. 2 years later I read about quadcopters and while they were really expensive and couldn’t carry a camera, they interested me more and more.

2012 was when I designed my first drone and it was amazing. I used a DIY drone guide I found on the internet. Despite the low battery and flight height, I was amazed. Later then the first companies started coming out with their own drones and that’s when I started taking aerial photography more and more serious. Combining my drone with gopro gave me the possibility to take amazing pictures. This is when I got hooked with the drone GoPro capabilities.