DJI 10 Year Anniversary Sales

DJI, the world famous drone company that brought this hobby to the masses, is now 10 years old. Crazy huh? Well to celebrate the anniversary, DJI has lowered the price of all the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopters. And I am not talking small sales.

For example the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. One of the best bang for buck drones with camera is now only $499 / €599! That is a 35% save. If you wish to know more about this drone then you can read our review here.

The best bang for buck drone with built-in camera from DJI! The drone features live-feed to smartphone, super stable flying and 2.7K HD video!

They have also lowered the price of DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and 4K (PS! Phantom 3 4K is not Phantom 3 Professional). Surprisingly both of the drones now cost exactly the same! And bare in mind, Phantom 3 4K is the drone that can shoot videos in 4K. You can read our review on the Advanced version here. Both the drones now cost $799 / €899.

Amazing drone with built-in camera system. Features live-feed to smartphone, waypoints planning and special ultrasonic sensors for indoors flying!

You can read about the difference between these drones here:

DJI Phantom 3 Comparison

So if you are looking for a new drone that comes with a camera then hurry and use these deals to score amazing drones at a great price!

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