Drone Flyaway Solution

Drones are excellent gadgets for photographers and filmmakers. However, drone flyaways can happen, especially with high winds. Now imagine having your expensive drone, equipped with the latest camera, just drift away to unknown distance and you lose it.

This is alarmingly more common among DJI Phantom users, or so it seems. Of course we are still dealing with a small number of people who have had this problem but it’s still an expensive problem.

Drone Flyaway Solution – GPS Tracker

One of the best ways to track your lost drone is by using a GPS tracker. Genius right? Simply attaching a small cheap GPS tracker onto your drone can save you hundreds of dollars.

The GPS tracker market is quite big. Some of the most popular are the SainSpeed TK102 ($24) and Real Time Portable Mini ($24). They also have the best reviews and have been tested on quadcopters. Not to mention in situations where the drone flyaway has happened.

How it works?

GPS tracker sends you it’s latitude and longitude coordinates which you can then use on google maps to find your quadcopter.

For the tracker to work however, you need to get a separate SIM card for it. A simple way is to buy a pre-paid SIM card. Most people in the USA prefer T-Mobile because their pre-paid SIM cards don’t expire till after 90 days. So do some research before getting a random pre-paid card.

After adding the SIM card you have to configure the device. Most trackers have their own instructions. For a long detailed guide for the SainSpeed TK102 visit TK102 GPS Tracker Instructions.

PS! Due to the GPS tracker using a SIM card to contact you, there has to be cell coverage for it to work!


Mounting the GPS tracker to the drone is simpler than you think. One of the easiest solutions is to use self adhesive velcro. It’s strong enough and you can remove the tracker anytime. If you feel safer with a more permanent mount then use zip ties if you can. Or you can even use tape.


Drone flyaway is not extremely common but when it happens it can be a huge headache. A simple GPS tracker is a good investment if you fly your drone quite often.