GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Review

As you may have noticed GoPro offers different camera models. This time we are going to review the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition. It is quite similar to the black edition but it lacks some of the stuff black edition has. GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition costs $300. So the question is, Hero3+ Black Edition or Silver Edition?

Camera Specs

  • 1080p 60fps / 960p 60fps / 720p 120fps
  • 10MP /10 fps burst
  • WiFi, GoPro App + Remote Compatible

In The Box

Hero3+ Silver Edition comes with the same accessories as the Black Edition, expect the WiFi remote. That is not included in the box but you can buy that separately from either GoPro or Amazon.

  • 40m / 131ft Waterproof housing. The new waterproof housing that comes with the Hero3+ has improved quite nicely. It’s is less bulky and lighter then the old version. This is only good news. Especially if you wish to use it to build a drone GoPro. The waterproof case fits the camera snugly. Another thing that I quite like is the new lock-clamp – it shuts a lot tighter.
  • Assorted brackets adjustable joint segments.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and USB charging cables.
  • “Skeleton” back door (non-waterproof).
  • 1 Curved and 1 Flat Adhesive mount. You can easily use these adhesive mounts to attach the camera anywhere.

GoPro Hero3 Review

Design and Accessories

The design is really simple and small. You can really move it to anywhere you want.  It looks exactly the same as Hero3+ Black Edition with no difference at all. GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition weighs 73g / 2.58 oz. With the waterproof case the camera weighs 135g / 4.76oz. As you can see it’s one of the lightest cameras out there.

Hero3+ review drone goproThe only thing that has been changed compared to the Hero3 is the new waterproof housing that has been made smaller. There is a small problem with that. The camera can be mounted to every accessory without any alterations at all that don’t require the waterproof housing. Accessories that were made to be attached to the old waterproof housing however will not work anymore. Of course you can still put the Hero3+ into the Hero3 housing but that will eliminate the “20% smaller and lighter” advantage, won’t it? This problem also appears with the Hero3+ Black Edition.


Like the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, you can now record videos in 1080p at 60 fps. 720p is still left with an option and now supports 120fps thanks to the new lens. Unlike the Black Edition it doesn’t support resolutions like 4K or 1440p. However we feel like that is not a problem. Those resolutions have a low fps making them rather hard to use for a good video.

Another thing that the Silver Edition doesn’t have is the SuperView and Auto Low Light Mode. To be honest that is not a problem either since the Low Light Mode doesn’t work as well as we’d hope.The quality is still just as bad during low light situations.

WiFi and Battery

The WiFI and Battery is completely the same as the Black Edition. According to the company the battery life is better than the Hero3 but we didn’t really notice much different. It’s still the biggest GoPro shortcoming.

WiFi is used to connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet. That’s also where you can change all the specs. Unlike the Black Edition the remote control isn’t included but we don’t really see a major need for it either.


  • Good fps at 1080p
  • WiFi delay improved
  • Smaller and lighter housing
  • Price


  • Battery life
  • Poor quality in low light conditions


Yes the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition is currently the best GoPro camera available but is there a reason to prefer it over the Silver Edition? We don’t think so. It’s simply not worth the price difference and the higher resolutions aren’t worth it either due to the low fps. In all other aspects it’s basically the same as the Black Edition but cheaper.

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