ThinkTank Airport Helipak: DJI Phantom Backpack

I can honestly admit that over the years I have somehow collected more backpacks and bags than I need. But when it comes to carrying a DJI Phantom 2 I suddenly realized that none of them are of any use.

Yep this is probably something that you will all have to deal with once you have bought your first drone. I have found that the best DJI Phantom backpack is unarguably the ThinkTank Airport Helipak ($239). (Also compatible with the new DJI Phantom 3!)

ThinkTank Airport Helipak

First of all, if you are planning to travel around with your newly bought drone you will need a bag or a case. A backpack is the simplest solution for a Phantom series sized drone.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 14” W x 20.5” H x 9” D (35.6 x 52.1 x 22.9 cm)
  • Interior Dimensions: 13” W x 18.8” H x 7.6” D (33 × 47.8 × 19.3cm)
  • Laptop: 11.8” W x 17.3” H x 1.4” D (30 × 44 × 3.5cm)
  • Weight (with all accessories): 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)


The design of the Airport Helipak is simple but effective. The exterior case comes in one colour – black. First thing you’ll notice is the sturdy built, how it keeps its shape, lightness and the high quality material used. The exterior fabric has water-resistant coating and overall a thick feel.

ThinkTank Airport HelipakLike all backpacks it has adjustable shoulder straps and also removable waist belt. In addition the backpack also has handles on the sides of the bag for when you don’t wish to carry it around in hand.

But the real reason to buy this bag is the inside. Unlike most of its competitors, ThinkTank hasn’t used pre-cut foam. Instead they have cleverly designed the inside with removable dividers that allow you to design the inside according to your need. This means that the ThinkTank Airport Helipak can also be used as a DJI Phantom 3 backpack!

DJI Phantom Backpack

ThinkTank Airport Helipak can easily fit any of your DJI Phantom, charger, controller, GoPro camera, 15″ laptop, spare propellers, extra batteries, 7″ LCD screen and more. They have actually separated the drone stuff and laptop area (padded).

DJI Phantom 3 Backpack

ThinkTank Airport Helipak

Only thing that you have to consider is that you’ll need to remove the propellers to fit your drone in. The inside has plenty of pouches for them as well. What ThinkTank has also done is add little red PVC covers for the tip of your motors. They have really thought about everything!

ThinkTank Drone Bag Accessories

Also another thing I love about the inside is that you can remove all of the dividers and use it as a plain backpack.

PS! You can technically also use the ThinkTank Airport Helipak with other drones. Just make sure the inner dimensions fit and you should be able to change the inside accordingly.


Carrying the Airport Helipak on your back is amazing. Unlike your normal backpack, it wont drag you behind but instead sits straight, almost glued to your back. ThinkTank claims it to offer lumbar support and I can verify that.

Thanks to the clever sizing of the backpack, it can also be taken onto the plane with you. It fits into your standard commercial airplanes overhead compartment without any problems (Do check with your air carrier first just in case).

DJI Phantom Bag Airplane

Also I especially love the handles. They make it so much easier to carry it around the airport and on the plane.


ThinkTank is a very well known company in the camera bags industry and their first drone backback is just as good.

If you have any of the DJI Phantom drones and you travel around then this is a bag you have to get. The $239 price tag is not that bad and should be treated more as an investment. Not to mention that unlike the other drone cases, Airport Helipak can also be used as a normal bag for traveling.

ThinkTank Airport Helipak: DJI Phantom Backpack
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  1. Reply Halpin March 19, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Did the think tank count as your carry on luggage or as your personal item (I.e. Backpack)

    • Reply Atko Von March 24, 2016 at 12:58 pm

      Hey, depending on the airlines company, for me it counted as carry on luggage

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